Expeditions and Travelogues

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Epeditions and Travelogues

When the book's done we start our next adventure to explore new areas, create new routes and meet different people and cultures.

Geoquest-Expedition Albania 2013

Geoquest-Expedition Albania 2013

Text: Gerald Krug, Translation: Simon Litchfield
Photos: Simon Litchfield, Ronald Reichelt (Kletterschule Pirna), Gerhard Duro, Chris Hupe and G. Krug (Geoquest)
The Geoquest-Team has resumed its involvement in the Balcans this year. Once again an international team was at the starting line.
The project was an ascent of the 2486m Papingut Mountain in the south of Albania, as well as a quest to find new sport climbing possibilities.

Geoquest-activities in Albania and Montenegro 2008-13

Klifursvæði - or climbing on Iceland

by Peter Dittert

Economic crisis…Then we can afford an expensive vacation this year.
Iceland wouldn't be bad. Has long been on the list and there's something to climb too. Although it's a family vacation, but 2-3 days of climbing I can definitely scrape out.

Geoquest Albania climbing expedition 2010

Fotos: Christiane Hupe (open-air-image.de) and Gerald Krug

Climbing Guidebook Albania

for free download at the end of the report!

Albania is not only on course for the European Union, but also as a future climber’s paradise.

Sahara 2005/2006

Participants of the expedition:

  • Peter Dittert
  • Christiane Hupe
  • Gerald Krug
  • Frank Schorisch

Montenegro 2008

Rrrring. Rrrring. Hi there?

As Ralf calls me I get curious very fast. Montenegro ? As a geographer I know where it is but this is already all of my knowledge. But wait, wasn't it that country with the german D-Mark as the official currency and all those young guys smuggling cigarettes? There is no way out, I have to contact Wikipedia.

Russia 2007 - Let's go east – time doesn't matter

We've chosen to go over land instead by plain. It was a new experience.

In July 2007 my girlfriend Chris and I were once again climbing in Romania . The new climbing guidebook has been just printed and so we tested it at the “real rocks”. We met many old and new friends there and climbed a lot of the brand-new sport climbing stuff. It was great!

India 2006/2007 – poverty and fascination


Of course we had heard a lot of the legendary boulders paradis Hampi. But above all we wanted to see a different culture. This culture, however, gave us a shock. On the outskirts of Mumbai (the former Bombay ) we saw more poor and homeless people than I ever could have imagined. Many of these people have no idea, how they are going to survive the next day.

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