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New routes in the heights of northern England

Gazing across this sceptred isle it is easy to be inspired by the fantastic and varied climbing that can be found. Climbing guides document every route, eliminate, boulder problem and highball on offer, often in incredible detail with colour topos. Sadly one can also get the impression that every last centimetre of this land has already been climbed. Fortunately, this is not quite true, as a spectacular discovery shows.  

Klifursvæði - or climbing on Iceland

by Peter Dittert

Economic crisis…Then we can afford an expensive vacation this year.
Iceland wouldn't be bad. Has long been on the list and there's something to climb too. Although it's a family vacation, but 2-3 days of climbing I can definitely scrape out.

Ebses Climbing cartoons

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Climbing in Thailand. From: "Sauber on sight" Volume 1

...I waist to much climbing partners on this trip...

Cartoons by Mara Herzog

From: "Schwarze Säulen - Climbing guidebook Mayen"

With the new Krakra self-assurance is so easy. As if! How do I get back there now?

Kra-Kra: shut -climb - let down - pose


First Ebse-Cartoon

As part of the DAV-campaign on climbing gym

New climbing gym in Chemnitz

There is a new climbing gym in Chemnitz, hight is about 14 metres. More informations here! For bouldering the best place to go in that town still is the Boulderlounge.

MukStuff Boulder Calendar 2011

This is our new MukStuff calendar 2011, limited edition:


Longest highline of europe

The longest highline of Europe  named "Levitation" got its first ascent this month in the Bielatal.
It is 103 meters long und 50 meters high. first ascent: Michael Kemeter (fullman - meaning both directions).

other actors: Damian Wörren, Bernhard Witz , Jan Galek, Faith, Jordan und Jan.

See what it is about (click the picture):


The calendar is out now!

Our new caledar:

Geoquest-Planer only 9,90 €

Order by clicking "Bestellen" on the head of this page and activate the button "Kalender" and add your address!

New Climbing guidebook Romania

Out now: new climbing guidebook Romania!

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