Paules Climbing Bible Ostharz

Paules Kletterbibel Ostharz

Paules climbing bible east harz

2. Print 2008
ISBN 978-3-9806473-2-8
160 pages, DIN A5, BW
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The Ultimate Guide for the rocks of the Eastern Harz. It describes about 1400 climbing routes at about 200 crags. Accurate access and topo sketches + detailed descriptions. Information on boulder- and iceclimbing goals.

Paules Kletterbibel Ostharz

The rough granit offers short routes (up to 30 metres) on granit with an excellent friction. A lot of short cracks make this area perfect to learn several crack climbing techniques. Some gear will be needed on most of the climbs. The abundance of horizontal cracks together with a fair number of bolts for face climbing passages makes adventureous climbing a real pleasure. This mix guarantees you almost always a protection when needed. The best areas if you come for the first time will be the rocks around Schierke (Feuerstein, Schnarcherklippen) and Thale (Steinbachtal). Enjoy "Harz-Grit" :-)