Bouldering Guide Albarracin

Finally we are proud to present: the bouldering guide of Albarracin!

Author: Jürgen Schmeißer
376 pages
full coloured
3-lingual (German, English, Spanish)
1300 boulder
many maps
photos of each boulder
100 coloured photos
Price 29,80 €

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 The guide describes all known areas, as well as many new ones (Tierra media, La fuente, Valle de la madera...). Many colored designed maps simplify the locating of the blocks. An overall view with high lines at the beginning of the guide should be the currently best map of the area around Albarracin. Of course, the complicated nature protection issues were bear in mind. An extra map with the zonation and countless references to the blockings are included in the guide. Each route was given a name. About 100 colored photographs round out the general view. Some stories about the area and a presentation of the city and its history, give the reader an understanding of the area.

The entire guide was written 3 lingiual. All texts, also the notes to the boulders are enlistet in German, English and Spanish. I think Jürgen has written with this work a worthy guide for this magnificent boulder area and contributed with the clear formulation and listing of restricted zones also a large contribution to the preservation of the area.