The Team

Gerald Krug

(1971) geographer, Halle
He has been an enthusiastic climber since he was a little boy, and has always looking for new sites. Thus, whenever there is time he is off on a new climbing expedition away from the beaten track. Books of all kind have always been an obsession for him, so it was only natural for him to start writing and publishing …

Mara Herzog

(1972) graphic artist, Dresden
She’s mother of a little girl and expert of the drawings. Her love for nature is the force that makes her drawing these funny comics.




Jakob Schlademann

(1977) communication design, Berlin
Jakob has the view to create a book design that attracts not only climbers. He is the one who put the hard facts into a modern frame.




Christiane Hupe

(1981) teacher, Halle
Chris is one of the best woman climbers of central Germany and therefore a critical editor. She also created the layout of the Guidebook Romania and was responsible editor of the chapters "Training" and "Competitions" at the latest Geoquest - book "Die 4. Dimension"


Axel Bierwolf

He lives with his family in Pirna. Because of his extraordinary body height he had always problems in a photo booth (see picture). This fact became one reason for drawing …




Thomas Gawron

Thomas workes for the team the time he has not to study. He is responsible for book delivery and accountance. On the picture you can see him with his partner, she helped a plenty of times when there was to much work.





Moritz Falgowski

(1992) student, Leipzig
Moritz actually finish his school studies. In his free time he looks after our Facebook page. He is also involved in giving climbing courses in our club, the IG Klettern.


Teresa Gazsi

(1983), graphic artist, Berlin
Teresa is responsible for the graphic design. She designs maps, topos and advertisement. Also mentionable is her engagement for the boulder hall ‘Ostbloc’ in Berlin.



 Rudolf Hupe

(1949), retiree, hobby lector, Görlitz
Rudolf is no climber which makes it possible to proof our texts for comprehensibility. 





 Mark Keiter

(1973), geologist
Mark is not only a climber. He is a geologist too which is very useful to feed our publications with scientific knowledge. He calls himself a bad climber because of all the winter breaks (He doesn’t like plastic holds…). He also thinks that every climber should have geological knowledge.
His slogan: Only what you know, you can appreciate, respect and protect.